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Fairy tales dresses (for Christmas) by Beulah London

This week, I started to talk to you about some ideas for Christmas gifts. But Christmas is not only making or receiving a gigt, but it’s a special moment to stay all together, in my case with all members of my family and relatives, my aunts and uncles, my cousin: all of us live in many different cities, and i love Christmas for this opportunity.

Since I became interested in fashion in a serious and passionate, I have taken more and more seriously the idea of a nice outfit for Christmas, I do not dislike a nice sweater, jeans and boots, but my side “in” for a couple of years forbids me to wear anything like that.

So i started to go around web, sites, blogs, searching for the perfect Christmas outfit…

To my rescue, for ideas, inspiration and also on what to buy, it’s arrived Beulah London.
Brand is an ethical fashion label, born in 2011, and the idea behind the creation of their dresses is to focus on timeless and effortless elegance. 

Every dress seems to tell a story, and no frills or excesses, every piece tells elegance sometimes forgotten by the world of fashion. Since deeper shade of red to purest white, from the deepest blacks to the most beautiful fantasies, Beulah London accompanies and enhances the body of every woman, thanks to its clean and harmonic lines.
Who would not want to wear a dress of this brand for an important occasion like Christmas?

To make it clear to you how good the ethics of the brand is, I add below what I might call the “manifesto” of the brand:

” Beulah London contributes helping provide a sustainable livelihood to those that have come out of sex trafficking.
For each beautiful garment that we make, there is an equally beautiful change happening somewhere else in the world – we like to think of it as our ‘butterfly effect”.

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