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Perfect (faux) fur coats

Do you remember that scene in “I love shopping” where the protagonist, after participating in a sale of designer brands, realizes that her cashmere coat contains only 5% of it?

Well, as you know, i hate fur coats but i have an insane obsessions for faux fur coats. And yes, i know, it’s an absurd contradiction, but hey i’m a girl, it’s in my dna. So when i go to the store, or i visit estore, and i see fur coats i assure they are not “real”. Hey, i love animals, i can’t wear them. Few days ago, i was at Zara store, and i saw many beautiful fur coats but i couldn’t touch them, So i asked to my friend with me to touch them. “Yes Cris, you can wear it”, I would not have made ​​me say it twice and I wore the object of desire, as it shows you the first photo of this post. Have you seen satisfied face that I have? So, fur coats are certainly the seasonal trend more appreciated by women, I’ve lost count of how many have worn the fur coats that day. From the windows, there is always at least a mannequin wearing a fur coats. Wandering around the web, I have done my personal wishlist, ‘cause there’s nothing like a good (faux) fur coats to protect themselves from the cold.
 And I should know. My first fashion week in London, the maximum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, and my fur coats protected me from the cold, it does not matter if I’d only wear under a simple blouse of transparent silk.

Black Yeti







Pictures: Zara,Stradivarius,H&M,Asos,Mango,Topshop 
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My outfit: Calliope Pink Shirt
Zara Trf Jeans and Fur Coat,
Adidas sneakers

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