Like Sissi… in Chanel


Once upon a time… no wait, i’ve just started a post in this way and it was my personal “tale” ( for the fairy tale, i need a Prince Charming), but maybe my imagination plays with me cause of this pictures. When i was young, i spent most of time admiring my first cousin/sister Gabriella. She has always been my hero, but probably she doesn’t know. She loved, and still love, Princess Sissi movies, with Romy Schneider as leading role.

I don’t lie if i say i lost count how many times i watched those movies, do not get me wrong, i like movies, but… after the fiftieth time… don’t blame me, please. But yesterday afternoon i was a child again, but it was not Romy Schneider the princess, but Cara Delevingne, and if you know me a little bit, you know how i love Cara, but not this time. I can understand she wannna be an actress and I wish her all the best, but this does not mean that she can interpret all the roles, at least for me, but not this. Cara, you’re not credible. Pharrell Williams asFranz is funny but more convincing, in fact he is still the king of successful hits. In short, a princess who makes stupid funny face and totally rebellious? On that screen there is too Cara, less Sissi.This odd couple is the protagonist of the last short film by Karl Lagerfeld, entitled Reincarnation, where it’s narrated  tale of the house’s founder Gabrielle Chanel, and her inspiration for the jacket synonymous with the brand, as envisioned by Lagerfeld. December 2 will discover the rest, in the meantime I once again about the film on Princess Sissi and I wonder if Mademoiselle Chanel would have appreciated this reinterpretation of her cult garment.

Ps Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It’s arrived the moment to saty stop to Violence against Women. If he  hurts you, hits you, you hurt, it’s not love. Stop to the Violence!


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Pictures: Glamour Uk / Cara Delevingne Instagram