venerdì, Giugno 18

Inspiration from a fashion blogger: Andy Torres

She is one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world, she was one of the faces of a capsule collecttion for Mango Touch. Who is she? The fashion blogger of the moment: Andy Torres.
This little creative girl comes from Mexico, she is a blogger with a great sense of style but she was also Judge for the E! Entertainment Television Series “ELLE México Diseña, but it’s possible that you have seen her in advertising campaign for Mango Touch (she created a capsule collection with other two bloggers). Her blog,StyleScrapbook, is a sort of diary where Miss Torres publishes her outfits, creations and adventures. I think we can call her “The girl with suitcase ready”, because she travels a lot: honestly, i’ve lost the count of her travels. I really appreciate her style not only because it inspires me everytime, but also because this girl has the advantage of making unique and glam whatever she wears. Her favorite color? I suppose it’s black, but don’t worry, she mixes black with colors in a stylish way, so if you don’t love black, then you will begin to use and appreciate it. Her style? Sporty, casual, glam, sometimes rock, sometimes androgynus, but always very feminine.But, above all, Original. 

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