mercoledì, Gennaio 20

Strong, bushy eyebrows

Do you remember Madonna in 1990s? Her hair, her face, her body, her look,her eyebrows? Swe was amazing, perfect, natural, particular. 
I have never liked the thin eyebrows, they are too thin, without feature, without personality. Probably some people are good with thin eyebrows, but personally I have been delighted with the return of the true eyebrows, wild, present. So, I i found on the web some many celebs with feature. If i remember well, the first one with this kind of eyebrows, in the last years, was Lily Collins. Do you like it?

Lily Collins

Cara Delevigne

From the catwalks F/W 2013

Nikki Reed

Audrey Hepburn
From the catwalks F/W 2013
Kasia Smutniak

Anne Hathaway

Charlotte Casiraghi

                              Don’t you think that they have an amazing look with this feature?

                                                 Stay tuned for other fashion news!

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