venerdì, Giugno 25

Inspiration from a fashion-blogger: Irene’s Closet

In an area of Tuscany, there is a girl who knows very well fashion and its rules. Her name? Irene Colzi, but you know her such as Irene’s Closet . I really appreciate her style for one simple reason: she knows what “Vintage” means; she is the only fashion blogger that i discovered that knows how to cleverly mix vintage pieces with more modern pieces. Honestly, i lost the count how many fashion bloggers try to do the same, but with horrible results.
Her style? Vintage, romantic, colorful, lively, easy, chic, sometimes strong.
I really appreciate her job because she is a very good, funny girl, with a sense of humor and she manages to be ironic, and not all fashion-bloggers are in this way, unfortunately.

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