domenica, Settembre 26

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Guys!!!! A new Year has come, new chances, new ways, new life, new opportunities. Generally, people make a list of good intentions to be observed during the new year, erase bad habits and negative thoughts and concentrartsi only on positive things. But since no one, or almost, respects similar lists, why waste time on them?

I’ll enjoy my year, and i hope it will be full of positive feelings and good things, i hope it for me and for all of you, also for my enemies cuz i’ll never be that kind of girl. For this special occasion,i chose to wear a total look, given me by little sis Sam for Chrstimas, signed by Tally Weijl plus Caramella, Madame Collection, as accessories. Do you know pink power? Well, i opted for it, i’m a woman and proud to be so for once in my life i decided to wear a pink total look. Crazy for the last day of the year? Maybe yes, but hey it’s a party, enjoy it. (I don’t why but this skirt in tulle remember me Carrie Bradshaw). Happy New Year!!!!

Cris-The AuburnGirl







Make a wish for your 2015 😉



Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Canon Eos 1100 D

My outfit: Tally Weijl Top, Caramella Jewels, Motivi Black Pants

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