giovedì, Luglio 29

Never miss a beat

I never miss a beat, I’m lighting up my feet And that’s what they don’t see” generally this is what people think when it comes to supermodels like Bianca Balti, one that never misses a beat.

 I know that probably Taylor Swift was not thinking about her when she wrote “Shake it Off” ( i listened to all album, it’s a bomb!!), but these words describe much of her. And i know that many of you can say “hey cris, you could start the week with Bianca Balti and not with  your face”, and i tell you’re probably right, but hey hey who run the blog? ME!! (i’m very happy you appreciated my first post as Caramella Girl, thanks you for all your support). But if Bianca arrives after me here is not cuz I am egocentric, but because things are done step by step. I love Caramella bijoux and i love OVS, step by step, right? As you know, i have many things in my closet ( too much for my dad) of OVS, but i really appreciate the brand cuz it’s easy-chic and among the many things that can not please, surely you can find what you like. At the least, it happens to me. I don’t like more Bianca Balti, she is a very nice woman but i don’t see in her the charisma that a supermodel should have. But even if she does not like me, i can tell you what i like about this collection: colored jeans, leather jacket and, no doubts, cape coats, all 0easonal trends. And since OVS is a very popular brand, someone explain to me why we should not have one of these in our closet. Some doubt? Shake it off!
Pictures: Bianca Balti for OVS

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