giovedì, Ottobre 22

Fashion Tips – Be so fancy, You already know what wear?

Do you know latest song of Iggy Azalea, Fancy? It sounds so: “I’m so fancy, You already know… I’m so fancy… Remember my name, Bout to blow”.

Now, you may freely ask “what does this song with today’s post?”, the truth is i’m so obsessed with this song, every time it’s started i push repeat button to be sure i listen it one more time. this song inspires me so much that i have connected it to the fashion trends for the next fall. Cause all trends for fall are so “fancy”. From ’60  to ’70 style, from “flower-power” to an entire rainbow of color, to varsity jackets, next cold season will be cool! I found on a little guide to seasonal trends, but i confess i didn’t pay more attention to it but i checked all categories and i discovered some pieces that can not miss in your wardrobe, or at least, can not miss in mine. First of all, the kimono jacket with floral print: I would like to pair it to my blue lace H&M shorts that i showed you in a post (W mix-and-match!), the pencil skirt, although I’m not sure of the color, but to combine with a floral jacket with sheer sleeves (like the one worn in this post), oversized sweaters, but not too much, combined with a fedora hat are the best, if you add the ankle boots, your outfit is absolutely perfect. Remember: aim on the color or total black: “half-measures” do not apply. Oh, be fancy! 😉


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