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Give a touch of “Jazz” to your style with Black

Muse sings that Time is running out, and it’s true; my time is running! So many things to plan for London FW, this is crazy and i still no have idea on what to pack. 
TAG is growing and always brand new face at our door, and since they are one of the most interesting of the other, how can I refuse?

Today, i want to share with you… drumroll, please… Black Eyewear! I really appreciate sense of style of this brand for its “jazz style”.

These fantastic creations are the result of the creative mind and jazz fan spirit of Robert Roope. 

This collection is inspired by the bold iconic shapes and styles from the 50’and ’60, as well as the stars of the time including Michael Caine, Woody Allen, Buddy Holly, Malcolm X, and Audrey Hepburn.
If you have ever seen an old movie of Woody Allen, you know what i mean

Each piece reflects the style and spirit of the time, with its iconic shapes and sophisticated creations that leave a mark.
Each pair of glasses is made with the finest materials, thanks to a partnership with high quality eyewear manufacturers in Italy using the highest levels of craftsmanship. 
Furthermore, these frames can easily be customized to match the contours of your face, for example.

You can choose from many variations of style, such as cat eye, panto, square, heart, and iconic round in distinctive colors like sherry, shiny marmalade and tortoiseshell: there is something for all tastes.

Why not savor again a style that defined an era and not only? Black Eyewear are perfect to give a touch of vintage to your style.

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