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Elegance is not to be noticed, but be remembered, so wear LK Bennett

“Elegance is not to be noticed, but be remembered” said once Giorgio Armani.

And if you think that this sentence has been said by King Giorgio, well, you have to believe him. Before the outbreak of the well-known “Kate effect” (it’s the phenomenon by which everything that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, wears, just after the brand and / or the product is sold out), i knew LK Bennett. For the record, the first time that I have known this brand was back in 2004, I do not know who it was Kate Middleton, but during a trip to London, I stopped in front of the windows of LK Bennett, and there it was love at first. Sure, she helped make famous brand (better than an advertising campaign, I think), but if the brand were not so special and great, I highly doubt that the results would be great. For the next cold season (and when I go to London in September, LK Bennett will be one of the first places where I’m going), the brand aims as always a collection of bon ton, but not too much. Cause you can be chic without being “classic”. Thus, between very classic looking shoes, bows and some spangle, crocodile prints, pop up ankle boots, floral prints, geometric prints, transparencies, bright details and fur trimmings, and beside “lady bags”, there are clutch, boho bags that make you imagine walking through the streets of London with a nice cup of tea in one hand while you walk to your next destination. Now, I know that not everyone may like the genre, but why not play for a time to be “a lady” by day and a girl funny and pretty in the evening? The Brits know how to party, and LK Bennett gives us the tools to do it!

Pictures: LK Bennet Official

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