martedì, Ottobre 27

BritPop Sound – Cara for Topshop Campaign

Oh Wait… It’s Cara!!

Will we never tire of her? I think no, she is to funny and pretty and cool to move away. Kate Moss is cool and nice but i’ve never heard she is also funny, so… go Cara! Strikes again! And she did it with new campaign of Topshop for F/W 2014. While all newspapers and media were getting crazy for her sister Poppi (so stylish, so cool, so it girl), Cara was in the newspapers more for her amusement than for her work as a model, well she there has stunned everyone, with the first pictures of the new Chanel campaign (which I do not like much, but not because of Cara), and then with this super cool new advertising campaign. Maybe because I have a soft spot for Topshop, but it’s really catchy! The British supermodel has a very rock mood with the electric guitar in her hands, and her outfits are not much less. Shooted in London ( i adore this city!), by Alasdair McLellan, collection includes eather look jeans, hooded parkas and tough ankle boots, tight pants, short dresses and shiny, transparent blouses. 
Everything is ready to party with Miss Delevingne. Cara docet;-)

ps if you check on the youtube for the video of Campaign (below, there is the link), you can listen Cara say: “It was when I got to probably 13 and we used to save all our pocket money and go to Topshop. Then we’d go back to school and everyone would be wearing the same thing because it was like the few amazing Topshop pieces that everyone would have the same of”. Cara was a teenager just like me, and maybe it’s for this reason i adore her, cause she a topmodel but she always seems the girl next door.

Watch the video here


Pictures: Topshop 
Photo shoot by Alasdair McLellan

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