Ok, i have to confess that I do not have the gift of foresight, but yesterday i was writing my article for QuotidianoMime about Christmas ( go to read it!), and going around the world wide web i found this. Have you ever waltched Le Prénom? 

it is an ensemble romantic French comedy, in which one of the characters has a sister who works in fashion, and this guy can not understand why in the winter fashion speaks of summer fashion and vice versa. Well, I understand that you have to program the season but so is really shocking. Well, this time some brands have broken all records because they submitted the collections Pre-Fall…2015. Seriously!?!? Oh yes, it’s true, and this is Burberry Pre Fall 2015 Collection. Look closely: some of the trends for the coming winter season are also present in this so during the sales season every woman will have to play the part of a hound to make the right purchase. I imagine the scenes in the stores: women who want one thing but buy another, so “it is fashionable even for the next fall.” Ah what the hell! Personally, i forgive Christopher Bailey only cuz this collection is perfect, a collection made for a woman running through the urban jungle and confident of his style. The coats with animal prints say much, and given that there are also this fall, if you do have the opportunity, do not miss it out! If this pre-fall collection is so cool, what will i  see  in February during next Fashion Week? I accept bets.

Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_01 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_02 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_03 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_06 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_07 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_09 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_16 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_17 Burberry_Prorsum_Womenswear_Autumn_Winter_2015_Pre-Collection_22

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