domenica, Ottobre 25

Caramella Summer Edition




“Summer dreams, ripped at the seams, Bu-ut oh, those summer nights! Tell me more, tell me more!”, i confess i adored and still adore Grease. Even if i don’t love too much summer time, it’s true that it’s that period of the year during which you can wear bright colors and don’t be inappropriate. Well, i love summer accessories for this reason. I’m that kinda of firl who wear denim shorts and white tishrt, but i add a touch of colors with accessories and Caramella Preziosa latest creations are perfect. Have you ever eaten popsicle half strawberry, half cream? Sweet but not too much. Sweet without being cloying. Pink and white are a good mix, as black and white, beauty and romance, good for a total white look for the day or with long comfortable, sensual dress during summer nights.As you know well if you read my blog, you know that Caramella is one of the top craft made in Italy.  If you follow me on Snapchat (cristinaizzo) you have seen yet those treasures, and i’m thinking of many different outfits for you, and for me 😉 My suggestion? Wear them with a total white look, one of the most succesful trends of the season, flat precious sandals and you can live completely and wildly your summer.

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Pictures: The Auburn Girl/Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo

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