A dear friend of mine once told me that she write in her blog “when she was ready”. At the beginning, i didn’t understand what she was saying. Why did she not write everyday? Just like me? Just like all bloggers in the world. But last March i realized it. It’s passion, and passioni s not a feeling that you can control. It’s something that, sometimes there is and sometimes there is not. Well, that’s what hapenned to me in the latest months. My passion was temporarily gone. My job as Fashion Editor for Quotidianomime.com took all the time and energies from me. But now, what is changed? Me, as before. I missed my time here, i missed to write here, for me, for you. So guys, what can i say? I’m back. As fashion editor i started to use Instagram and Snapchat more ( search cristina_quotidianomime and cristinaizzo), i realized my first interview, to Irene Pila, i survived to an another Fashion Week.

And as you can see here, these fantastic shoes were all encompassed by that wonderful treasure that is Topshop Oxford Circus, London. Oh God, it’s amazing! A little Heaven on Earth. All the seasonal trends are set in rows of glass cases, you can touch them, you can wear them, oh yes i was like a teenager when i wore all those shoes. My favourite? Steve Madden shoes. You know, i’m not a “shoes-addicted” but there is always an exception to the rule. So, that’s mine. Sandals, wedges, ankle boots ( oh i love them), sneakers: you can find your style there. And in the meantime, while you’re trying to choose the best for you, you can taste a good cappuccino or change your hairstyle. But this is an another story i’ll tell you sooner or later. Stay tuned.







 Pictures: The Auburn Girl/ Samsung Galaxy S Duos

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