venerdì, Giugno 18

Boom, boom, clap

Boom clap, the sound in my heart

The beat goes on and on and on and on and. Boom Clap!

In my mind, with the latest LP of the U2, i have also this song of Charlie XCX. As i told you yesterday, i spent my Saturday in the nature, between mountains and woods. It has been fantastic, i was so happy, and i think that you can see in the pics how i was. Unlike most people I know, i love mountains, walk in the woods, stay to rest in a cottage, a large fireplace. Simple things. As i am. For the occasion, comfortable was the key-word of my outfit, so i opted for denim, my lovely red Converse ( do you remember my post about my love at first sight with them?) and this stripes t-shirt that it’s always with me. You know, when you buy something accindetally and that suddenly it becomes the item of clothing of which you can not do without. My messy hair? Damn auburn also in the wood, but strangely they did not seem out of place. Do what you like with people you love, always.

ps i have to say a big thank you to my lovely little sister Samu for the experience. It has been great! But next time, please, i  wish the snow 

Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Canon Eos 1100D

My outfit:
Tally Weijl jeans, Calliope Tshirt, Red Converse All Star

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