giovedì, Luglio 29

Good for the autumn

Yesterday, i spent a very nice, lovely, day at the mountain. I love going to the mountains, explore the nature, walk around the woods. You have my word, i’ll show as soon as possible all the pictures of the day and my outfit.

But Sunsay mornings are for beauty and makeup tips here on TAG ( but if i have to be honest, i’m cooking right now… Lasagna!).  Today, i show some products that recently i have bought. With a special coupon on L’Oreal Paris Facebook Page ( On Italy page only),  I have had a special price to buy, and so test, two products of Accord Parfait cosmetics line, in my case, foundation and powder. The texture of the product is very mild, they are not heavy products as if you had masks on the face and the skin does not breathe, they are lightweight and compact but give the skin a brightness and a uniform color. So, they are good for this midseason as autumn is. The two nail polishes came to me accidentally, both are a gift from my mom ( love u!!). As you can see from the pictures, i wear the red one, it’s a bright red, and strangely i like it, even though I love the most intense. I didn’t try the other one, but don’t worry it is only a matter of time. And now, after a tiring but beautiful Saturday in the mountains, now it is time to relax, music and books. And F1, of course!

ps if you want my opinion, stay tuned tomorrow and day after tomorrow. I’ll tell you my adventure in the mountains. 😉

Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy Tab III

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