giovedì, Luglio 29

That don’t impress me much

OK, ok, i know that it’s news of the moment, Alexander Wang for H&M. Ok girls, no panic.

The fact is that when i heard, during Coachella Festival, the news i thought ” omg, an another collaboration!?!?”. I love H&M and you know, but i’m tired of this. I admit, when H&M has partnered with Lanvin or Jimmy Choo, I was in seventh heaven, but Versace and others … ENOUGH! In short, if you are a successful brand like H&M, why the hell you need to do a collection with another successful brand? I love H&M for what it is, not because it tries to be something else. This collection with Alexander Wang? It’s pretty, very sporty, but honestly if it was not signed by him, Would you you wear it? Please, try to be honest. No, i don’t wear it. Sporty chic is ok, too sporty is not. Maybe you can say i’m crazy, but i’m sure that 6 November i won’t be in standing for this.

I like sweatshirts and leggins but but i don’t say they are like a chic, pretty dress. It’s just my opinion, but it’s time to be honest.

Pictures: Alexander Wang for H&M

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