venerdì, Marzo 5

Fall is coming

Ok ok i know that it’s not time for fall, that we have to wait for that wonderful period  of time. The truth is i love cold. I love snow ( not only Jon). I love rain. But for a cruel play of destiny i live in an place where, at the moment, the weather is hot, 35C. So yesterday i decided to make a training session for my mind, and i imagined all cold things and places. Bu after the italian version of Grazia gave to me an intende moment of happiness: all fall trends for accessories. Bags and shoes 😍😍😍(that was my face). If pink is not exactly your colors, just like me, you can choose between glitter, tartan, fringes, punk mood and more. Geometric prints and fur details, trends of season too, are just not my favourite. You know, i love animals=i hate fur. So, i think i’ll opt for punk mood. And you?20150805_170129 20150805_165909 20150805_165934 20150805_165944 20150805_170002 20150805_170025 20150805_170046 20150805_170250 20150805_170145 20150805_170156

Pictures: Grazia IT

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