Everytime i started to think about my next travel, i feel that well know feeling everytime: joy / fear. Two mixed feelings but they represent me well. I’m scared because I never know what to expect from a trip, which it reserves unknowns to me, and I feel joy because I love to travel, pack my bags (yes, I’m weird), go to the airport, walking in a new city with lightness and curiosity typical of those who travel and want to discover new things. When i was younger (yes, i’m 26 XD), i was a disaster, a complete disaster. You looked at me you would have thought “how the hell do you dress?1?!”, and quiet, I would not be offended, indeed I would have said to you that you were right. What a mess. When i was 14, one day, i was with my Dad waiting to do a medical control and to pass the time, my father bought me a newspaper, Vanity Fair, italian Edition. Since then he has taken my love and interest in fashion. I’ve always wanted to write, and to be a journalist, but by that time I decided to be a fashion journalist. In this issue of the newspaper, there was a photo shoot dedicated to travel. The idea of that photo shoot made me want to leave immediately. From that moment, I said goodbye to sweatshirts and baggy pants for travel, if not I do not mind, as on this occasion, what to wear, I do look at the lookbook brand of which I trust. This time, it happened to Intimissimi. Denim, leather, comfort and style: problem solved.

SHOT_03_038 SHOT_04_016 SHOT_05_036 SHOT_06_028 SHOT_07_060 SHOT_10_019


Pictures: Intimissimi Lookbook

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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