mercoledì, Novembre 25

Walking on a dream


Do you know Lady Gaga’s Song Alejandro? Oh, i wished for many weeks to meet a man with that name, only to call him like Gaga “Ale-Ale-Alejandro”. Don’t worry, i’m not so crazy, but i’ll tell you everything. Saturday, i have had a meeting with the editorial staff of and as Head of women’s fashion, my boss asked me to discover new talents, new designers, preferably brazilian. And yesterday i started my research… and i discoverd the new “Alejandro”, or the man of my heart, Evandro (that rhymes with Alejandro) Soldati.

And immediately i hoped to be in Lady Gaga’s video with Evandro. Intense and intelligent eye, a mouth to kiss, a  sensual spirit and a seductive breathtaking physical. Oh Evandro, you don’t know but you have been the leading actor of my dreams. But, if you can take your eyes from him ( i know it’s hard, but try) you can discover the Luz Da Lua world. A place where shoes and bags are imaginative, colorful, seductive and feminine. Damn! Bon-ton shoes and a sexy man?!?!? You want to conquer the world. I’m a bags-addicted and if you want to know my favorite one, i can tell you that is the bags in the third picture and it’s not for Evandro. Do you know pretty woman movie? Well, these shoes seem to be out of the movie, because they have an allure chic worthy of Rodeo Drive, colored like New York and sexy as Ibiza. The  impeccable quality of leather and metal are characteristics give independence to any woman wearing them. And if you wear a pair of them, maybe you can meet a man like Evandro. And that’s no bad!

PS today it’s the International day against AIDS. I decided to join the campaign #FeelNoShame and Share your secret to #FeelNoShame . My secret? I have never really been in love. Share your secret







Pictures: Luz Da Lua. Model – Evandro Soldati/Sally Marie

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