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A new “blogger” with us – Blake Lively launches Preserve

Just when there is bad weather, I take the opportunity to go around the web looking for new things to discover: blog, bloggers, websites, news. The world of internet is so varied that accommodates everyone, everyone can say his opinion, always politely to me, but there really is room for everyone. Even for those who are not professional writer or just pleasure. Perhcè the end this is us bloggers: Let’s say our opinion, we talk about what we like. So, if we do, completely unknown, because he can not do a Hollywood star? Gwyneth Paltrow started with her lifestyle website, she is a movie star, what could she have to say? Well, apparently a lot of healthy foods, diets, fitness, fashion and much more. I also confess to having made ​​a jump on the site of her, and I talked about it here (remember this post?). After having made us dream with Shakespeare in Love, helps us with (maybe it was better when “inspired” Shakespeare). And now an another lady, as blonde as diva, and actress of the small screen, gone to the big screen for a few years, has launched her website.

The former Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen has worked with great directors, debuting as the cinema, she has found time to fall in love, get married, go to work, be the face of Gucci and now launching her site of lefestyle, Preserve. Competition in Not really, because yesterday the news of this site was all over the international press, then curiosity won. The site is very different, not only for the graphics, but also for the aim with which it was created: not provide a way of life, but it’s a small window for young brands who want to stand out and make themselves known. Now, what could be better than a star made ​​in Hollywood for this? Nothing! But it certainly does not stop here, especially because you know, Mrs. Reynolds is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, then there is room not only for fashion but also for food, pillows, dishes, dining-room tables and more. Blake Lively, alias Mrs Reynolds, said: “With the bow-tie story,” she says, “I think by shifting into the first person, he would be able to make it a lot more personal . . . that authentic, sort of flawed voice that we’ve been trying to accomplish. I was a little liberal with my revisions. But the humor was already there, so I just went with it”, “I think the writer should just scrap it and start over. Because this guy’s work is beautiful . . . but what’s the story? Why bags? Why leather? Why the European military influence. And one small thing, which shows up in every piece: the word things. My dad was an English professor. There’s always a more eloquent, descriptive word.” It’s just beginning, but it will be something great? xoxo The Auburn Girl

Pictures: Preserve Official Website -Tumblr

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