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Kate(Moss) Dreams – Stella McCarteney strikes again!

I have always believed that if love is not forever, certainly the friendship lasts forever, or as I tell my BF Vale “Friendship never ends.” Probably, it is this feeling that gives life to some of the best collections that are around. In two, you know, you work better, see Dolce & Gabbana,  there are two creative geniuses who combine their minds to create something unique, never seen before. Sure, maybe in this case, it is not exactly what happened, but the friendship has many facets. The case is the latest collection for winter signed by British designer Stella McCartney, who for the next campaign chose the timeless Kate Moss.

When Kate was at the peak of his career, McCartney had still not her brand, success came after, but in both cases it is certainly well deserved. Tell me, what’s better than the charm of a supermodel like Kate Moss to launch the latest winter collection beings and certain of its success? Who has an answer other than “Kate Moss”, please, come forward! The advertising campaign was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, in that nice city of London, which is enjoying a summer hotter than me. It seems that this is the seventh time that the two British girls working together (if this is not friendship!), and Stella said: ” Kate epitomizes the Stella McCartney woman and I wanted to capture her dreams and the moments we have shared over the years,” Stella says of the campaign. “I wanted to escape into something surreal this season and fashion should make us dream, sometimes”. Cause one thing is certain: no one is able to dream like Kate Moss, because only she has the grace to wear the clothes, almost were sewn on. While Moss sports sunglasses, mini-dresses and sweaters, I have been enchanted by the photos of the new IT bag, the Cavendish. Look at bag, and tell me if I’m wrong when I think “it’s exaggerated, but I want to.”

Watch the video Kate Dreams on TAG!

Pictures: Stella McCartney Official by Mert Alas e Marcus Piggott

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