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A free spirit that dominates the city, by Missoni

Hello girls!! It seems you really liked my post about my latest trip to Taormina, and i’m very happy! as I have always said, I’m not an “outfitter-blogger,” I do not like to sit in front of the camera, but if you are in the company and I enjoy it, I do look funny faces and very little series. In short, I do not like to “be posing.” Instead, I’ve recently discovered that when I was a kid I was totally different. If I were a compliment smiled, indeed always smiled. Now if someone gives me a compliment, I am embarrassed and I get red in the face. Of course if i have a very nice outfit, i feel good. That’s maybe, if I wore one of the coats of this fantastic collection of Missoni, I would be at ease.

I adore this jackets cause they are colorful, have a sporty style, are long as I like, and have a chic yet comfortable at the same time. I must say it with randomness that I have come to discover this collection, all thanks to Vanity Fair in reality. I’ve never been a big fan of this brand, perhaps because the colored lines or fantasies proposals I have ever hit, but there is always an exception to the rule. This collection is, in my opinion, a celebration of free spirits, a tribute to those dynamic women who now take center stage, with a collection of their own. With references to the world of men’s sportswear, proportions sonooversize, the tissues are soft and plush. The shirt, which has a key role in her wardrobe, it adheres to the body and free movement, emphasizing her sensuality. Vivid flash of color, exaggeration of scale, are just some of the elements that constitute the hallmarks of the Missoni designer wardrobe, which includes vest, parka jackets or padded vest with hood, tailored coats, vests and fur vests, coats without buttons to coordinate with comfy cargo pants rolled up above the ankle. It’s time to enjoy the city and the cold season without a pattern or rules: enjoy it, says Missoni, and I too!

Pictures: Missoni Official Website

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