giovedì, Ottobre 29

Once upon a time in Taormina

The Auburn Girl is back! Eh eh, i promised you more “outfits” here on TAG, and as you can see, I keep my word. For some time now, and I Ale we seduced by the charm of Taormina; in fact, always liked both, but in the last period, as soon as we can, we we go there, it’s for a drink, or a walk, or take some pictures, or maybe do all three things together. The charm of Taormina is inexplicable: an ancient village, situated on a rock in a creek. A village with a breathtaking view, sove in the beautiful and warm summer evenings is possbibile see the profile dark and majestic Etna silhouetted against the sky. But not only beautiful views…

Taormina is full of narrow streets and unexpected views and romantic, streets and alleys intersect, and are filled with plants, art, objects characteristic history. Pure art. Moreover, Taormina is a high level of glamor, and every time choose the right outfit is not exactly easy, also because in Taormina walking in heels is really impossible (maybe except for Ale). So, for this occasion, I wanted to focus on two vintage pieces found last February in a vintage shop in London: a top with a floral theme and a pair of black platform shoes, high, comfortable, despite the “impossible” aspect. My beloved designer bag Mango could not miss, as well as my beloved kinky rings to accessorize. Because even that little bit more color can make all the difference for an evening with friends. Maybe you also lifts your spirits when you’re sitting on top of a staircase and you enjoy a view “dream.” Maybe this post could begin like this: 

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who was walking through the streets of an old town, and there she was waiting for love …”

xoxo The Auburn Girl

Pictures: Samsung Galaxy S5
Pants and Jacket: Calliope
Bag: Mango Touch
Top and shoes: Vintage store
Kinky rings: Accessorize
Necklace: OVS 
Earrings: JoysOfTuscany

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