#7Obsessions – 7 for all Mankind

Once there were seven deadly sins; Harry Potter has taught the world that the British, 7 is the lucky number, and the fashion world has contributed to this legend. # 7Obessesions tells you anything??

Sometimes, it is really difficult to find some piece of denim clothing that is comfortable, find the perfect jeans is not just a simple thing. 7 for all Mankind. I recently discovered this brand and I can assure you that is the salvation for people like me who never finds what he is looking. As may be missing a piece of clothing in your wardrobe denim ?! It can not! The beauty of this brand  is that it offers the perfect solution for each one of us, each piece is designed to bind and enhance the body that wears it, and even if you, like me,  are not like Miranda Kerr, quiet: your denim will not made miracles but it sure will make you sexy as Miranda, and maybe you happen to encounter one as beautiful as the model (Jon Kortajarena) of the advertising campaign. Not bad? “I love them,” Miss Kerr says. “I love the way they fit. They feel so good.” How to blame her ?!

Pictures: 7 for all Mankind
Jon Kortajarena and Miranda Kerr photographed by Sebastian Faena

Autore dell'articolo: Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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