It’s time! It’s time to come back in my City, come back home, come back to the City that made me feel home in 2004.

While I prepare the luggage, my mind come back to that moment when i went out the plane: i wasn’t alone anymore, ihad a place where i could stay, with nice, lovely people around. I was not too young anymore, iwas myself for the first time. Tomorrow. I’m scared like a little girl before exams, as if I’m in front of a huge hurdle to climb. Can I overcome this obstacle? Can I climb the mountain? Ah, I would be more courageous, but perhaps it is true that courage comes along the way. While I finish preparing the last things, and I do a countdown of how much time separating me from the flight, I show you a small preview of what’s in my suitcase. Some, like JoysOfTuscany and Caramella, are the brands that I have made known through the blog, others are the result of past shopping sessions. This time, i dare myself.
It’s time to grow up.
From L-R: Zara Necklace, OVS Necklace, Caramella Bracelet, JoysOfTuscany Earrings and Bracelets, Fossil Watch, Caramella Orange Neckalce
Tezenis Tartan Leggins – Terranova Leather Jacket
Asos Lace Dress – Calliope Shirt
Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy tabIII

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