martedì, Marzo 2

Sneak peek from the suitcase

It’s time! It’s time to come back in my City, come back home, come back to the City that made me feel home in 2004.

While I prepare the luggage, my mind come back to that moment when i went out the plane: i wasn’t alone anymore, ihad a place where i could stay, with nice, lovely people around. I was not too young anymore, iwas myself for the first time. Tomorrow. I’m scared like a little girl before exams, as if I’m in front of a huge hurdle to climb. Can I overcome this obstacle? Can I climb the mountain? Ah, I would be more courageous, but perhaps it is true that courage comes along the way. While I finish preparing the last things, and I do a countdown of how much time separating me from the flight, I show you a small preview of what’s in my suitcase. Some, like JoysOfTuscany and Caramella, are the brands that I have made known through the blog, others are the result of past shopping sessions. This time, i dare myself.
It’s time to grow up.
From L-R: Zara Necklace, OVS Necklace, Caramella Bracelet, JoysOfTuscany Earrings and Bracelets, Fossil Watch, Caramella Orange Neckalce
Tezenis Tartan Leggins – Terranova Leather Jacket
Asos Lace Dress – Calliope Shirt
Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy tabIII

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