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“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” 

This phrase was uttered by that wonderful woman and a model that is Tyra Banks. And she understands about makeup. But, beyond my estimation for her, I think her words are true. Simply because sometimes we women, without make up, do not like and we need something that makes us feel comfortable and pretty. And I understand very well especially when i use the products of Butter London. I have found that for the next cold season, this brand has created some fantastic lipsticks, in 12 different shades, which make beautiful lips and lipstick last long, leaving a stain on the lips always fantastic. And then, this new lipstick has a name that makes me smile and I find cute: Lippy. It has a familiar sound and reassuring. Just what I need. But there’s not just this cute ally, but also nail polish, mascara and blush hues intense, brilliant colors that allow you to shine and your face on cold summer nights. You could wear something simple and have a flawless make-up thanks to these products. You just have to choose the color that gives you the most and what you prefer. And please, paint your nails, leave that terrible white!

 Pictures: Butter London Official

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