giovedì, Ottobre 22

When art meets fashion… Love Mayka

Good Morning girls and boys! Before i star to talk with you about the new brand discovered by TAG, i just want to say: THANK YOU!!!!! You are becoming more and more numerous, thanks for the messages you sent, thanks for the support and advice. Thank you, with all my heart!!!!

And now, it’s time to talk about fashion. I like this brand for its sense of style, it remembers dance, music, harmony, exactly what I look for in clothing.
It’s time to discover… MAYKA!

This brand, based in London since 2006, is created by Maya Finkelstein Amrami. Love MaYka is a special label because is a mix of art and installation with fashion. Something rare.

Her creations are a harmonious example of art, fashion and culture, as if her clothes had the canvas drawing, colored prints in bright colors. Starting from the white and black, she adds color, as bright blue or fuchsia or bright yellow, creating unique colors and patterns. 
The clothes remind the world of dance, its harmony, its perfect and clean lines, where there is no margin for error and where it’s possible look for the true beauty.

The originals cuts are mixed with fabrics and high quality fabrics, coming to create garments where elegance is the first feature.

Personally, i really adore the jumsuit you see below, i have to confess i’d like to wear it during next London Fashion Week! It is an example of harmonious style, color and lines, which enhance the female body. And my new shoes, heel 10, Mango would delighted to be matched with this masterpiece of tailoring.

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