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Elegant and nostalgic man signed Christian Pellizzari

Good Wednesday! How are you guys? Have you seen Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show? I think Cara Delevingne was a lovely view, perfect, stunning, i have no words to explain how fantastic she was.
But we should not be surprised: Cara+Karl= success. So, go on! I’m keeping true to my promise, more men’s fashion on my blog! And today, i just want to share with you latest collection of a great designer, team Landon has worked with him last December. I’m talking about Christian Pellizzari! Do you remember photoshoot at Taormina?

But today, it’s time for menswear and Christian Pellizzari knows very well how to make men elegant and chic.

The robe coat, “ waffle” jacket, outwear jackets: they are the protagonists of the Fall/Winter ’14 collection. 
You can find also fancy pantsto not take itself too seriously, reversible parkawith a classic wool on one side and another side of soft nylon waterproof, sweatshirts and t-shirts and shirts, original with their print of the birds’ flight.

But jackets… they are a whole other world.
Color palette moves within colors that bring to mind some pictures of the sky: blue and gray of some beautiful winter scenery.

The “waffle” jacket is notable for its flexibility and elegance, it seems extremely light, but it is only a fleeting impression. 
The outwear jackets are the most innovative: reversible, garments have a double soul , one side the day version with wool cloth, and inside the rock version where the designer unleashed with the jacquard, one of his passions.

The tuxedo jackets, my favorite pieces of the collection, are unique because reinterpreted feathers for an evening different and unusual , or with old neckwear designs revisited in all over. Something you can not find easily around and that does not go unnoticed.

A very elegant piece of clothing that every man who knows the word “style” must have in the closet. And even though I’m not a man, I’d love to have one in mine!

Christian Pellizzari strikes again!

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