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I’d like to wear his shoes, specially if they are WeberHodelFeder

Good Morning! C’mon, i know, it’s Monday, how can you smile? But if a person does not start the week with a smile on the face, how can this person do that go well?

I would like to start week in a very good way, talking to you about a brand that I discovered last week by another blogger on twitter. Do you remember I promised you that I speak to you for a bit of men’s fashion? Well, now, you can not say that I do not keep my promises.

it is with pleasure that I introduce to you WeberHodelFeder.

These shoes are so unique designed by the genius mind of three people…

Matthias Weber, Niklaus Hodel and Florian Feder are young designers and, after years in fashion and studies to Antwerp fashion academy, they have established their brand in 2012. 

The three young designers have decided to reinterpret the traditional men’s style, creating shoes with sportswear details, a new classicism, a new way to define the “classic.” New lines and high-impact colors characterize these shoes unique and valuable.

Between vibrant and more neutral colors, you can find modern shoes that look “in the past”, in a convincing manner. And I can say, without any shame, that these shoes make me crazy!

The men’s fashion has never been so enticing and interesting, as in this case.

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