giovedì, Ottobre 29

Welcome to ’50-’60, by Reiss

Good Morning! Yesterday, i spent an amazing afternoon with my mum around the city. Ok, i confess, I could not resist the temptation to go shopping, I was with my mom, it was reasonable!
And if there is one place I will shop, when I will be in London next week, it is definitely Reiss!!!! 

You know, TAG and Reiss have a close relationship, but the more time passes, the more my respect and my interest in this brand grows. And for this spring season, Reiss was able to astonish me again, creating a versatile collection, unique, elegant, that goes straight to the heart (as the combination that you see in the third picture, I LOVE IT!)

But leaving aside my enthusiasm, have you present “La Dolce Vita”? Spring/Summer ’14 Collection is reminiscent of that era, with its play of colors, lines and soft glam, sensual, ready to conjure up something intriguing.

The elegance of the collection is given by the simple elegance of each piece of clothing, with a dash of irreverence given by deep necklines and slits, lace and transparencies. Black and White. delicate colors, and colors that capture such as emerald green, as well as the white charms, seduces, hypnotizes. 

Every piece of clothing reminds me of the French women who walk along the coast of the French Riviera, and with their extreme elegance and intimate atmosphere make it attractive and interesting to any outfit. 

Reiss is known for its knowledge of what women want to wear, and putting women at the center of their collections, Reiss is always degrees of understanding what women would like to have in their closet. To always be aware that being a woman is wonderful. And with Reiss it’s also simple and beautiful

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