giovedì, Ottobre 22

The elegance of pearls

Good Morning! I say to you always put a smile on your faces, especially because on Monday start the week on the right foot is always good for the spirit, the mind and the heart, especially if it is a difficult period or a very intense period.

Today I want to share with you something extremely feminine, I remember that my grandmother wore on important occasions for a string of pearls as expected “was elegant.” And indeed, it was true. From Audrey Hepburn to the more contemporary Carrie Bradshaw, the pearls are synonymous with elegance, style, class, traditional chic.

And what did i find recently on Google Plus, one of my favorite social networks, if not a site that is familiar with these great accessories of  the female world?

The Pearl Outlet is a window on the world of pearls: there are those from the most classic cut, traditional, to modern those. The Pearl Outlet is run by the Shepperd family, true connoisseurs and artisans in this area.

On the site, you can find more from the pearl trade in the most exclusive, all based within the parameters that are based on quality. Between color or black and white pearls, such as those Tahitian, my favorite, you find Akoya PearlsFreshwater PearlsSouth Sea Pearlsaccompanied in white gold, yellow gold and diamonds.

Every woman can satisfy their tastes and desires. And since Valentine’s Day is approaching, why not take the opportunity to give themselves something like that? Women, it’s your occasion! Men, do not miss a thing!

A Chinese proverb says: “What words are like pearls: precious and rare.” So I’ll stop talking and leave you in the company of these precious.

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