venerdì, Marzo 5

CJG for Topshop

Why do I always speak about Topshop? But what can I do if this brand every time it catches my attention.

Have you present when you walk around the city, you’re thoughtful, drink a cup of tea, and suddenly you always happened in front of the same store? Well, that’s happened everytime i see Topshop. he feeling with a brand happens rarely, but it is nice to know that there is some certainty. You know very well my passion bor boots, so you can understand my joy when i saw this collection on Google Plus page for Topshop. Boots, ankle boots, biker boots, and also pumps, flat shoes, wedges: girls, there’s something for everyone! In collaboration with Chloe Jade Green, Topshop has realized a complete collection, which details with a rock mood are combined with strong shapes and fabrics. Key points are  Cut-out leathers, pops of leopard print and edgy biker styles.
If you want to recognize the designer shoes of this, look at the sole. If Louboutin red sole, you have the sole green. A real trademark. Right now, i’m just like a child in front of the Christmas gifts.
be cool has never been just a state of mind

Pictures: Topshop 

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