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The perfect guest and the wild chic summer by Mango

Hello girls!!! Have you looked into streaming the event more fashionable this season? I’m talking about Kate Moss and the launch of her collection at Topshop. A truly glamorous event, but then when there is Kate, the glam is assured. Do you remember when i talked about her collection ( click here to read the article)?? Well, Oxford Circus was a fashion mess yesterday! I was so sorry I could not be there =( But, i’m lucky girl, and Mango gave me a big smile with its May lookbook and its special collection to be “the perfect guest at the party”. Let’s start with the latter. 

The collection has nothing to envy to the clothes of the big brands, as it is extremely elegant, a collection that includes light and rustling clothes. Red, pale pink, white gardenia, and black are the dominant colors and backdrop to bright and precious details and embroideries that enhance the clothes. The lookbook of May, however, is something different, in fact it has a casual collection, in the name of “”effortlessly chic-casual style”. Prints from the tropical mood, soft, sophisticated colors like white, beige, delicate pink, light clothes with soft and enveloping lines: these are the basics of a collection with soothing tones, subdued, a collection that stands out for its delicate sensibilities. It’s possible find also many of the seasonal trends, such as fringes, “musthave” of the season, geometric prints that give an ethnic flavor skirts and  gilet. I do not know how to explain, but I think Mango is one of the few brands that always manages to strike, the value for money is great, perhaps the only flaw  are sizes that are not always right or real. Mango is committed with professionalism and style lookup to create more complete collections, ranging from the basic to the most intriguing, but there’s nothing trivial. With Mango you can create a style without effort

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