L’Appartement – a bon ton collection by Tube Gallery

Good morning girls!!! I spent the day yesterday to send and answer e-mail: pr is bad when your PC does not have the running! Now I understand why everyone hates Mondays, I sympathize with all of you. The only positive aspect was the presence of Spotify, a lot of music, and I admit, before I started to sing in a low voice, but then it was not possible to stop me. And unlike the models of this collection, I was not at all pretty, but I was wearing a tracksuit. Instead, I would have loved to wear one of the dresses in this collection chicissima., Created by Tube Gallery.

For Fall Winter 2014, Tube Gallery designers were inspired by their stay in the magical and always charming Paris. Saxit Pisalasupongs and Phisit Jongnarangsin, duo designers, has created ‘l’Appartement’, a bon ton collection that has three basic points: the French parquet flooring, marble, and wrought Iron. What catches of this collection is its elegance, its harmony of lines and prints, a perfectly modern silhouette, while inspired by Parisian style of the past, a mixture of innovation and tradition of style. The embroidery has been inspired from wrought iron and the pattern of floor tiles and wood. Tube Gallery’s color palette is right on trend with colours that have dominated the F/W 14 catwalks, as Black,white, Deep Purple and Wooden Brown. Games textures, lengths, transparency, animate the collection, which to many may be the classic chic collection, but that goes beyond the usual conventions. There is an effortless style, elegance without unnecessary frills, there is that spirit French, and especially Parisian, that women around the world envies the French women. This collection is like looking at an art gallery, at the end of which we realize that the idea of ​​the woman is only one: a woman winning, strong, elegant, with a good dose of irony and asshole, and walking with nose up, not because she is a snob but because boldly and with style she faces life everyday.

Pictures: Blow Pr

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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