British Wintertide by Alexandra Harper Millinery

Hi guys! Yes, I admit it, I was, and I’m sad for the defeat of Chelsea, but my Blue heart will beat always and forever for my fav team! But now, we’ll remain in UK, better, in London, because a cool brand is come back here on TAG to show its new collection. I told you, sometimes i can be a very lucky girl. Do you remember the first post about Alexandra Harper collection? 
For those of you who do not know, Alexandra Harper Millinery designs and produces statement hats and headpieces and she launched its first London-based boutique in January 2014.  The brand has been featured in The Sunday Times Style, VOGUE.COM, Grazia, Marie Claire, Schön!, The Untitled Magazine, Stylenoir, PHOENIX, Tirade, Atlas, Los Angeles Times, Russian Vogue and on Lara Stone in Interview magazine. Well,today, Alexandra Harper presents British Wintertide Collection
The designers drew inspiration from the fabulous, intricate and fascinating country which is always Great Britain. 

While keeping an eye on tradition, the collection bears on the scene a collection of modern sophistication, drawing on the traditional colors and styles of the Inglese, the collection offers a truly modern take on sophistication period. The collection is ideally away from the previous one , where the exotic colors were the basis of the creations , and here are employed colors as black , gray, brown , green and burgundy colors that recall the contrasts and colors of Great Britain. The details are in this case, the focal points of the creations and make the difference: headpieces bedecked with plumes of feathers sourced from all over the world, A camel hat, complete with a swathe of pheasant-coloured feathers and black, to remember the traditional clothing of the British countryside.
Instead,  a black crown adorned with ostrich quill spirals and a fur pom-pom personifies the energy, style and wit of young London. Head-dresses vintage take on a more contemporary, thanks to the use of bows and thanks to their shape. As always, the designer manages to combine old and new, classic and modern, tradition and innovation. On the other hand, she is a fashion designer full of wit, style and a lot of creativity. Chapeau, Miss Harper 😉

ps: Setting up her very first boutique in Islington last year, Alexandra Harper Millinery is quickly becoming a household name amongst London’s millinery elite. I hope to have to meet her during next London Fashion Week.

Pictures: Forward Pr 

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