Good Monday! I started planning my London Fashion Week, i accept any ideas and advices! Well, while i was thinking about my next LFW, i received an email from… drumroll… Benedetta Bruzziches PR! I was so thrilled!! Do you remember my first post about this fabulous brand? For next Fall/Winter 2014, Benedetta Bruzziches has created a special collection, called “Strolling around the clouds”. With this intriguing title, the designer presents a collection that has the taste and the features of a small art exhibition. 

As in an enchanted landscape, the collection runs between magic mirrors and woven baskets, floating cushions and wonder trays, a small wishing well. Each bag is designed to accompany any woman within his “valuable path”, not just an accessory but rather an extension of herself. 
The collection is colorful, attention to detail, in the original forms and designs, made by Ferdinand Sciarrinip, an artist who pours all his artistic vision in the designs of the bag “Carmen”. The fact that every piece is hand drawn makes each bag uniquePay attention to the detail of hand in some models “Carmen”: a hand that closes a chest hiding our treasures. The designer takes us on a journey full of colors, smells, ideas, anything that tickles the senses, creating a collection collection lively, full of light, unique and precious details. A timeless elegance, just like the fairy tales that have made us dream, and that you should never forget.

Pictures: Benedetta Bruzziches Press Office

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