Happy Sunday!! I hope sun is there with you and you can enjoy your day. Our usual Sunday meeting with makeyp/beauty is come back after Easter, and today i want to propose to you a low cost brand that is very special. A dear friend told me about it, she is very good at looking for new products in cosmetics, and since I’m curious, I poked around a bit on the web. I’m talking about Catrice Cosmetics. It is very well known for good quality and long-lasting of its products, and affordable prices to anyone. Among the latest collections presented, there is a limited edition very interesting, Haute Future: collection includes nail polishes, eye shadows and lipsticks that give a luminescent effect and three-dimensional makeup. 

 In fact, in intensive colours creates visionary eye make-up with holographic effects, and It can be applied moist or dry. The Ultimate Nail Lacquer brings the time warp to your nails, and the transparent topcoat with holographic pigments gives your nails a cosmic look. The flakes can be applied on top of any nail polish for an individual design.
Apart from the limited edition, the brand offers a palette of eye shadows theme, such as those for smoky eyes, those perfect for a nude look: the colors are extremely versatile, and their fine, light texture does not weigh down the skin, and last very long. I am truly enchanted by the blush, which is bright, light as a feather, and it gives a pleasant shade to the cheeks. Surely it will be my next purchase 😉

Pictures: Catrice Official Site

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