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Principessa Maulù – la Borsa Gouache by M

Hello girls!!! Good Monday!! I hope this week will be better than the previous one. Cross your fingers! Well, At the beginning of my adventure with this blog, do you remember when i talked with you about Borse-Libro by M? Well, the relations between us and the brand TAG were excellent, but how could it be otherwise? On both sides there is quality, hard work and creativity and desire to surprise, so the tuning is a must. Just at this time, on my nightstand, I’m reading for the two-hundredth (I know that I’ve read more) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and every time I think of the fantastic creation of this brand inspired by this book. Ahhhhh!! But today I speak of the latest collection from this brand.

Designer, MariaMarigliano Caracciolo, has decided to celebrate the painting technique of “Gouache” with a delightful new collection of bags, called Princess Maulu. For those, like me until a few days ago, did not know much about this particular technique, here’s some information. “La Gouache” is a painting technique of the Neapolitan school 800. They are painted in watercolor from the past that have shaped the history of landscape painting Naples, testimonies of those trips on the Grand Tour of Italy that made our country famous among European intellectuals of the time. The gouaches are a precious and wonderful documentation of the landscapes and monuments Campani, and more. Thus, the designer, as well as inspiration, pays tribute to the art of his region and his beloved South Because fashion is art, culture, and history is made ​​in Italy for the brand By M.

For her bags, two different sizes, the designer chooses to represent the wonderful view of the Gulf with a nineteenth-century gouache entitled “Naples view from the sea”; Vesuvius erupting at night; the view from the garden of Capo di Monte with its palm; The Riviera di Chiaia, the road on which the designer has grown, and a special line for the beloved Capri. And I must say that she has been able to touch my heart as she then wanted to pay special tribute to Sicily, by including in his collection a beautiful image taken from a gouache of 1831 representing the eruption occurred in the waters of the Sicilian ‘”Island Ferdinandea. 

As always, the bags are handmade, making them exclusive and unique, enriched by the colors and beauty of the views. Thanks to a sophisticated technique and a careful search, the designer was able to give the calf without altering the original colors of the paintings. The skins chosen for this collection are all Italian and they are the finest on the market. In perfect harmony with the atmosphere called retro prints, there are the sophisticated details that provide interior moire silk, handles and sides finished with elegant two-tone metal details. The line also includes leather accessories from purses to evening clutches.
So I strongly suggest you enter one of these bags; you know, the sales period began and have one of these beauties in your wardrobe can only enrich your style. These are creations that do not go unnoticed, and certainly will help you to enjoy this summer.

Pictures: By M Press Office

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