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Nautical style – timeless look for summer 2014

Good morning girls! While you’re reading this post, I’m in the sea I do the first swim of the season! Yeah, I can not go to sea, because where I live! Well, a bit of relaxation I deserve seen the chaos of last week, ahhh! While I was on the road two weeks ago, I got to take a look around, analyze seasonal trends, and there is nothing better than visiting new places and stations. Oh yeah, I see people start showing the widest range of choice of seasonal trends. Of course, one of the most popular and one of the most classic was nautical style.

This summer, the brand has provided a new interpretation of this style so successful, the modern nautical, a new way of conceiving and white striped navy blue, the double-breasted with gold buttons and, in general, all total look that breathe now looked different and unique. The lines are the fantasy easier to implement but also the most iconic fashion that distinguishes the marinara. a striped shirt navy blue and white, combined with a high-waisted pants and wide leg, is one of the most fashionable outfits and most copied. Brands that are more were inspired Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, for a brand like Louis Vuitton is a classic reinterpret almost every year. Kate Spade has proposed shorts and coats which can be found on the iconic gold buttons on which stands the relief pattern of the anchor, the symbol of timeless nautical style. And if you are of “bags-addicted” like me, well you can not fall in love with Charlotte Olympia bags: bags unique, colorful, so stylish! Even low cost brand such as H & M, OVS and many others are left to drag the arena of nautical style, then you draw inspiration from these outfits and create your very own nautical look. And please, pay attention to the accessories!

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