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Beauty tips – hair repair during summer

Hello girls and enjoy your Sunday! During summer period, going to to the beach, hair much affected by the heat, the salt air, the sun, so they can become dry, wasted, lifeless hair. Fortunately, many specialized brands offer a range of products to help your hair in moments of stress. Besides the shampoo and conditioner, the hair treatments are the best treatment, and personally I recommend that you apply twice a week during the summer months.
The masks for hair are emulsions specifically formulated for application to the scalp and hair (on their entire length). These conditioning agents capable of imparting greater luster, combability, antistatic and volume to dull hair, are damaged, fats or colored. 

Treatment for hair requires a certain exposure time and exert beneficial nutrient or however much more intense than a simple hair conditioner. Although the types of hair masks are many, the mode of application is almost always the same. 

Most of the masks – especially professional ones or you can buy in specialty stores – should be applied after shampooing. So, after thoroughly washing the hair and removed all traces of shampoo, we proceed with the application of the mask on damp hair. Normally, it is recommended to apply an amount of product on the hair (mask) equal to a walnut; however, the recommended dose is subjective because it depends on the length of the hair. It is recommended, however, not to exceed the amount of the product to avoid overburdening the hair. To facilitate uniform distribution of the mask on the hair, it is advisable to use a wide-toothed comb. 
After applying the scalp and hair mask, it is advisable to let the product rest for a few minutes in order to allow active content in functional cosmetics to penetrate into the hair slowly.
Some masks for hair to ultra-fast action does not necessarily require a specific shutter speed and can be rinsed immediately after application. 
To enhance the effect of the mask, you may want to gather your hair in a warm towel and cloth. Alternatively the towel, you can wrap the hair on transparent film, making it even easier penetration of active ingredients into the hair. 
After 5-20 minutes (depending on the chosen mask), you should rinse thoroughly with warm water, taking care to remove any remnant of the product.
So, Remember to perform all the procedures in the proper manner so that your hair can benefit. At the end of the summer, however, I recommend a nice rejuvenating treatment by your hairdresser, and maybe even a different cut for your hair. New cut, new season, right?

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