Good Monday!! Ready for Easter? Well, i’m vert thrilles, holidays are the moment i prefer because i can stay with all members of my family: uncles, aunties, cousins, so much food, peace amd fun. But first foretaste of such beauty, I have to share with you what I found, something beautiful. You know i work with many different PR agencies, and Blow PR are the best, simply because i’m in love with all their brands. And thanks to Blow, i discovered Meam by Ricardo Preto. It’s  a Portuguese brand that began in 2010, in Barcelos, Portugal. This brand has its innovative ideas in terms of style.

This brand thinks to contemporary woman: the comfort, the cut, the material and the pantones are carefully chosen to offer the market a new way of being. The fall winter 2014 collection is the perfect mix of urban and chic style. Wraparound jackets, sweatshirts paired with sparkly skirts, sporty style of the crop-tops and pants “boyfriend”, colored fur, fluttering  and graceful fabrics and a common denominator: black, dominant color of the collection, which surrounds it and goes well with pale colors like gray, but also in bright colors like orange, white and red. I fell in love with this collection because it’s treated in detail, but it is fresh, young, pretty damn cool, never boring, and offers many opportunities to create many different outfits. A collection for the “big city”, a collection that has grit, but that reveals a romantic tone. A collection created for women with initiative, courageous women who throw themselves head-on in the life of every day. Honestly, I do not find a reason not to love this collection.

Pictures: Blow Uk Press Office

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