Affordable glamour by Aftershock London

Hy guys!!! Today it’s a mess, a real mess! Too many things to do and not enough time, but yesterday a good news is arrived: it’s possible i’ll be in London again in September for London Fashion Week: OMG!!! I was so thrilled! Please, cross all your fingers for me! But we remain in London, because the brand of today is a real “must-have” in The City. If you wanna be cool, you need to shock yourself, and AfterShock London is your solution. It’s so cool and nice and so successful that it received an award by Queen Elizabeth II  for excellence in bringing British fashion to countries outside the United Kingdom. Its idea of ​​fashion is based on affordable glamour and affordable luxury.

For Spring Summer 2014, Aftershock collection takes its cue from French Riviera to the outback of Africa via a Spanish sunset, to create chic outfits for the city, clothes from the classic and pop tones. Intersections and non-conventional lines are mixed with draperies made ​​of lightweight, floating, soft colors. The romantic tones sweaters, transparent, with floral patterns and soft colors, are muted by the trousers with bright colors, such as blue, which brings to mind the color of the sea. Transparencies, ribbons, and lace coat dresses, blouses and skirts, creating an elegant collection but not snobby, sensual but vulgar. Bold contrasts of Black and White with shocking hues are mixed with Boxy Mediterranean architectural shaped jackets. The collection is pop, but mostly it has a unique flavor and a Mediterranean style. Something that you can wear in the city, but also on a beach, barefoot, with the sand between the toes. Ok, i promise, if i’ll go to London in September, i organize a photo shoot with this brand, after all, London offers something tremendously interesting and cool.

Pictures: AfterShock Press Office

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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