Good Sunday!!! Rain is outside my window, you can imagine how i’m happy! Oh, i think it will be a day full of rest, specially because next week will be busy. I would love to be at Coachella, but unfortunately I never had the opportunity to go, and this year after reading the list of participating musicians, I was desperate. What I would give to go!!!! But now, it’s time for fashion, or, better, it’s for makeup and beauty. Today, one of my favorite brands is here, Burberry, after all, everyone loves Burberry! Some time ago, I had talked about the special collection of nail polishes for this season, and now all makeup collection, English Rose, is available

Collection takes its cue from the fashion show spring / summer 2014, and it recalls the bright tones and delicate typical of this season. The ver sage and pink are the shades at the base of the entire collection, and together they create a mix of sensual nuance. For the eyes, Burberry offers Complete Palette, consisting of four colors inspired by the principal shades. The eyeshadows can be used also fade the colors and offer an extraordinarily shiny, thanks to the high pigmentation, and they also leave the skin smooth and delicate due to the use of nutrients. To give more glamor to the look, the brand offers Pencil Eye Definer and Effortless Mascarafor an intense look and extra voluminous lashes. To have, however, a faint pink color, as if to remind the peach trees, Burberry has created a luminous base as Fresh Glow Fluid Base, enriched with ultra-thin lighting elements and anti-aging, as well as extracts of rose hips that give a smooth appearance; a touch of color to the cheeks is possible with Light Glow, brush in Tangerine nuance. For the lips, do not be absolutely escape Lip Mist, light and moisturizing, which is available in two variants: Trench kiss and Pink heather.

Many women, including my grandmother and my mother, always come to the aid that a truly beautiful woman has the complexion of the typical English rose. Burberry gives you the chance, joining a beauty and timeless elegance. What you waiting for?

Pictures: Burberry

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