domenica, Settembre 26

New brand: Kiabi Fall/Winter 2013 collection

Between new brands i discovered, there is Kiabi. This french brand has a motto that it’s one of the best i’ve ever heard:” fashion at low prices with good quality for the whole family”.
In fact, this brand actually proposes clothes with real good quality, unlike low cost brands, tissues and other materials used are good and comfortable.

For the next cold season, Kiabi shows a collection inspired to punk-rock style with hints of romanticism, a spirited collection with all trends of the season: camouflage, denim, mix and match, printed t-shirts.
Stretch jackets matched with slim pastel tones pastel tones or the punchy prints or the punchy prints jeans; dresses matched with denim jackets or wool jackets. Two different visions of fashion in one collection that cannot wait to be raised.

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