domenica, Settembre 26

French Collection Fall/Winter collection 2013

During my first travel to England, i remember i saw a French Connection store, in Oxford, and clothes were so pretty and elegat that i decided i wanted one of the piece of that collection. 
And also for the next col season, British brand shows all its elegance and sense of style, a collection with a cut tipically British, some tomboy outfits, some outfits with severe lines but that hide a romantic mood

The essential is the new way to be chic, it’s time of good quality for clothes, time for colored coats, sensual and glam dresses, many of which are suitable for morning and for evening at the same time, you have to change only your bag.
This collection ranges from neutral and soft colors to hints of color, strong and vibrant such as red for a coat or a faint electric blue for a dress
The mood of the collection maker it suitable for a woman of all kinds and of all ages.

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