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Style and talent with Alexis Mabille

Weekend is arrived, it’s moment for rest, fun, what we love,people we love. But, if you are like me, you never stop to do something. In recent periods, i have noticed i have written about new brands, and i like it because i like creativity and no ordinary things. But today I want to talk with you about something that is not brand new but “he” has a lot of talent and originality: it’s with pleasure that i’ll introduce you Alexis Mabille.

Mr Mabille has created his brand in 2005, exploring fashion universe for male and female at the same time. Philisophy of the brand encloses dynamics of our time, a certain amount of sex appeal and the tradition of clothing, that never hurts.

After making its debut at Dior, he subsequently worked with major fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent e Lancôme, not ceasing to work on his personal brand.

I decided to show you female and male collections (and yesterday i have started to talk you about Menswear’s Inspiration. Don’t miss your chance also today). 

The vision of man proposed by Mabille undergoes two different types of man, but which may represent two sides of the same coin: for day and night, man can be urban, stylish and sporty, classic but sexy. A 360° perspective.
Like a skilled player, Mabille’s man plays with smoking jacket and flannel corduroy details, t-shirt or sweatshirt silver, shirts sewn with gold thread, jewelry around the neck and bow tie. 
Everything is interpreted with a color palette by mineral tones, such as grey, brown and blue, contrasted by the red, with with sparkling accessories that create delicious light.
(For woman’s collection, scroll down)

Mabille’s woman is inspired by the 80s; a very glam atmosphere characterizes the allure of this woman. There is no moderation in her looks, a woman who must appear and amaze, and to do this she relies on a daring mood, with strategic focal points, total look black or clever play of color.

Surely, two pieces of clothing that would suit in the closet of any woman who knows what it means to have style are a blood-red-and-black crepe cocktail dress with two pointed, fluttering panels in back, and a masculine gray flannel coat with camel lozenge insets.

Designer is ingenious and original, which has a solid foundation to really do something great.

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