Little precious treasures with JoysOfTuscany

Tuscany is a very nice and magical land; you can always find products of excellent quality, handcrafted and unique. So, Team Landon has discoverd for you in this land little treasures, inside JoysOfTuscany.

This brand is part of the Sciara Company, and it is inspired by the idea of ​​making “democratic” the jewel, something accessible.
The jewels have smooth lines, very elegant, with precious details.

Precious stones and materials, leather, are mixed in a stunning and stylish way to create unique accessories, wearable on any occasion. There are several collections, including Joys Bracelets, Joys Leather, Joys Earrings, Zodiac, and more, each with a distinctive style.

Jewels are girls best friend, and looking this creations, you can easily understand why. 
Every woman want to be special, what better ally if not a jewel nice but not too expensive, chic but not kitsch , wearable for any time and every kind of outfit and mood?
In a wide palette of colors, creations of JoyOfTuscany give to you many choises.
The mind behind all this cool and nice project? A woman who has a very long experience in jewelry making, understanding women and their tastes. 

Accessories make the difference, look for unique and precious as those of Joys Of Tuscany ( jewel can be a good present for you or for people you love)

Bracelet of Zodiac Collection

Thanks to JoysOfTuscany, i was able to give my personal idea about how to interpret these accessories.

– a simple white lace dress for an outfit with a touch of romanticism and glam (Asos Dress)

A white dress with gold studs: an outfit a little harder but still very glam

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