All the shoes you will want for fall 2013

Many people believe that women are totally in love with accessories, especially with bags and shoes. They are never enough, you must have all types, shapes and colors, but also in that case women will tell “i have no shoes”.

Though I prefer the bags to shoes, i have to say that for this fall 2013 models are very interesting, many are attractive both in shapes and colors. Let see together what we will wear for “the cold season”.

Isabel Marant’s sneakers are truly one of the must-have for many seasons, and I can definitely say that they are my favorite shoes from the many present here.

High heels, means heels, sneakers, sandals, sleepers and lace-up shoes: in a range of colors ranging from bright red to purest white, green, golden, you can find the shoes that’s right for you.

Maybe, this models are a little bit expensive, but dream has never killed anyone, but it can ba an occcasion: let these little dreams inspire you to choose the next pair of shoes that will fill your wardrobe.

At the end, just like every time, you’ll say (like me when i buy a new bag) “this is the last time!!!!” 😉

At the end of the post, there is a little preview for all of you

Brian Atwood

Calvin Klein 
Federica Moretti

Miu Miu

Charlotte Olympia

Christian Louboutin


Isabel Marant




And now a little preview for all of you: M&S Christmas advertising campaign, with David Gandy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Helena Boham-Carter

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